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Ending the Revolving Doors of Crime and Violence, Forever.

Criminon's results speak for themselves.

The common denominator of Criminon's success has been restored self-respect of the inmates themselves, after a review of inmates' success stories, comments from officials in Juvenile Hall and other prisons internationally.

Inmates are less aggressive and in better communication with other inmates, their families and staff, resulting in fewer disciplinary problems. This in turn gives less stress to correctional staff and makes their jobs easier.

Many Criminon graduates have been moved to less secure housing or lower security prisons, thereby saving the state money.

Of the 267 juveniles who had completed the Criminon New Life Program in Pretoria, South Africa, only 16 have returned to crime and the criminal justice system—a 6% recidivism rate

A two-year study done of our drug-rehabilitation component delivered by the Second Chance Program in Mexico showed a drop in recidivism to less than 10%.


In South Africa, only one inmate that embarked on The Way to Happiness program has returned to prison. This is over a 8 year period, and he still needs to be proven guilty of the alleged crime committed.

Criminons results in Rwanda

In August 2008, a visit was made of each of the five prisons participating in the program, in order to obtain an estimate of the results achieved. During these visits, interviews were conducted in each of these prisons with members of the direction, the training team (i.e. the wardens trained at the Ministry of Interior Security in December 2007), and participating prisoners.
The specific improvements mentioned in the interviews include:

What graduates from the Criminon Program have to say...