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What our graduates say...

E. M.
Cell: Kibirizi
sector: Rubengera
District: Karongi, West Province       

Subject: Acknowledgement of our trainers

Regarding the training I have done, I became conscious of how other countries are full of love & care for us. I  know how to forgive others. I know how to bring about awareness in a conflict so that reconciliation can happen for both sides.
I can also use the truth when there are  problems amongst people.

I can welcome the children of other people in my family and live with them.

When I will go back (to my home), I will help my relatives and the people I know to reconcile with each other and with their neighbors,  and pray together for our people, our leaders, and generally in order that our country remains peaceful in God.
Thank you very much for the excellent and enriching training!



Trainer S. M.
Nsinda Prison 

Dear Sir,
With this letter, we have the great honor to address for your highest consideration our best thanks for your work “The Way to Happiness” which we received thanks to CRIMINON AFRICA.

As it is, dear Sir, the idea to bring to the Nsinda jail the Way to Happiness, of which we are the trainers, has been very well welcomed by all concerned, uplifting the intensity of their well being despite the various draw backs that they encounter in their daily lives, such as those having been abandoned by their own as well as the problems some have  which are related to their judicial cases. But despite all this, life carries on, and thus there is the necessity to look to a better and more fruitful future.

The Way to Happiness has clarified step by step the unfolding of certain periods of life, which we have to go through or help others get over in order to be able to better their survival and get them to live a  better life. An effective life, which is to say caring for one’s family, taking care of oneself, and showing a good example among their pairs, as well as safeguarding and bettering the environment.Yours sincerely

Trainer, S. M.