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Ending the Revolving Doors of Crime and Violence, Forever.

After their training, the wardens were examined on their delivery in the prisons. As many inmates can’t read, the course was – and still is - given in the form of seminars. The benefit of this delivery method is that 50 or 75 inmates at a time can follow the course. Due to the great number of prisoners to be reached, this method allows for faster delivery.graph of criminon graduates

The prison officials took their responsibilities to heart, resulting in great numbers of prisoners enrolling on the course. Within a span of 3 days after the students had completed their courses, 2729 students had already enrolled on the course – a success beyond any expectations!

During the course of January, another 4.390 inmates enrolled on the course. Within one month after having trained the prison officials, 7.119 inmates were studying the precepts of The Way to Happiness and had started applying what they learned, creating groups and clubs within the prison, which applied, in teams, a precept chosen from the course.


On the 15th of February 2008, a graduation celebration was held in the prisons of Gitarama and Nsinda for the first 532 inmates having completed the course.

The mayor of Muhanga, two representatives of the MININTER, a representative of MIJEPROF, the army chief of the district of Muhanga.

The authorities of the prisons of Nsinda and Gitarama, as well as the press and the Rwandan television were present. 

The Nsinda prison director speaking at a Criminon Graduation Ceremony, February 2008


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