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Ending the Revolving Doors of Crime and Violence, Forever.

Criminon Rwanda: the beginning

In March 2007, having been informed of the Criminon program for crime prevention and rehabilitation of inmates, the Ministry of Interior Security instituted a round table on the subject, which resulted in an official request for a pilot program.

A team of three experienced volunteers from Criminon France, Criminon Belgium and Criminon South Africa arrived in Rwanda in December 2007 to realize the first phase of the pilot program.

This phase consisted of training 20 guards and staff members in and outiside the capital.

The purpose of the first course (The Way to Happiness) is to restore the criminal’s self-respect, which is the first step toward the rehabilitation of his or her respect for others.


The Way To Happiness
Three officials of the Mininter (Ministry) also partook in this course, so that full understanding of the program running in the prisons was created from within the ministry.

By training wardens, prison staff and prisoners alike on the different functions required, competence can be raised

Criminon Team

without the otherwise costly investments involved in having to call upon international experts. next page...