600 inmates of Gitarama prison graduate Criminon training

By Ellis | February 8, 2009


Muhanga – Inmates at Gitarama prison have vowed to be exemplary and obedient citizens after receiving training in criminal reform and rehabilitation.The inmates made the vow on Thursday after completing a one-month course on ‘The Way to Happiness” organised by Criminon International.

“The course has helped us to seek happiness, to see the value of life once more; to look at where we are coming from and what the future holds,” Absalom Gashema, one of the inmates, said while reciting a poem.

“With these clear lessons, I have chosen a path of peace and opportunity… a path that will put my life on track once again,” another inmate said.

At the function, 600 inmates who underwent the training were awarded certificates by the president of Criminon Africa, Kevin Jones.

Jones said: “The course was designed by L. Ron Hubbard, and specifically developed to eliminate factors which produce and breed criminal behaviour. It helps inmates to regain self respect, happiness and live a moral life.”

So far, a total of 900 inmates have received the training.

130 prison staff are also undergoing a similar course through correspondence and more courses will be provided in the future, according to Aline Testa, the Production Director of Criminon Africa.

Chantal Uwantege, the Gitarama prison director, lauded Criminon Rwanda for the training which she said has changed perspective of life amongst inmates. She urged the graduates to disseminate the skills to fellow inmates who did not attend the course.

by Daniel Sabiitt
Southern Province