Rwandan prisoner praises The Way to Happiness course

By Ellis | May 16, 2009

A Criminon course graduate realizes a happy life is within reach

To be honest, I have very much appreciated the precepts of the Way to Happiness course, especially after the training and after having done so many exercises.

First of all, I have realized that happiness and joy are precious things and that, without survival, one can obtain neither happiness nor joy. I have also noticed that telling the truth, not abusing of alcohol, doing sports on a regular basis, brushing one’s teeth regularly, feeding oneself properly, are the pillars of a happy life for an individual, or for a family in general.

Thanks to this formidable course, I have also noticed that adultery, not taking care of oneself, not taking care of the environment, not keeping one’s word and not respecting other people’s religious beliefs, are things that in one way or another can destroy the survival of a society or a family.

Finally, this course, “The Way to Happiness”, has been, for me, a successful path which will make it easier for me to handle this harsh world, especially with regards to handling my family and more specifically my environment faultlessly.

Thank you.
J.D.D. H.