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Ending the Revolving Doors of Crime and Violence, Forever.
  1. Extending the delivery of The Way to Happiness into the 9 other prisons of the country

While following up on the delivery in the five first prisons,  the program will gradually be implemented in the nine other prisons of the country.

By  the end of September, a first step was taken to deliver The Way to Happiness  in the central prison of Kibungo, when 8 inmates were selected to do The Way to Happiness Extension Course.

Map of risons criminon is active in

Once they will have completed the course, and after having proven that they can succesfully deliver the program to their fellow inmates,  they will be awarded their certificates and allowed to start delivering the course, each to 60 of their fellow inmates.

Directors from the other 8 prisons have already been contacted so that the first part of the Criminon program – The Way to Happiness course - can be implemented in their prisons as well.