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Ending the Revolving Doors of Crime and Violence, Forever.

Criminon Rwanda phase two.

Due to the successful delivery of the first course and the positive changes demonstrated by the student inmates, the Ministry of Interior Security expressed its request to extend the program to all inmates and all prisons of the country.

The Criminon Rwanda team answered the call, and at the beginning of Sept 2008, the second phase of the program was started.

The this was worked out to be executed in two phases.

  1. Stabilizing and extending the delivery in the first five prisons.

A primary step was to make sure the program already running in 5 prisons, was stabilized and further expanded.

In each of those, i.e. the Central Prisons of Kigali, Gitarama, Nsinda, Rilima and Remera, 10 inmates who had already followed the seminars were selected and put onto "The Way to Happiness" Extension Course. They were told that it would be their responsibility to teach the precepts of The Way to Happiness to their fellow inmates.

All new students completed the course within 3 weeks. By the end of September, the Production Director of Criminon Rwanda then trained each of them to deliver the course to their fellow inmates in the form of seminars and made sure they were all able to do so.

The Way to Happiness in lecture format

The delivery of the course in the form of seminars allows  for a large number of inmates to do the course, while delivery costs are kept low. Also, lectures are a solution to illiteracy problems so that hardly anyone is excluded from the program. And last but not least, the inmates delivering the seminars are participating to a constructive project and can immediately put into practice all of the precepts they have studied.

Within a span of 3 weeks, 50 new supervisors (all inmates) completed their training and started delivering The Way to Happiness lectures to 60 prisoners each. This way, a new ‘wave’ of 3.000 students started on The Way to Happiness course.

Graduations to celebrate the completion of the first groups of students are planned for December 2008 in the prisons of Gitarama, Rilima and Nsinda. During the graduation ceremonies, not only the students will be acknowledged, but of course, also their supervisors and the prison authorities, who are all actively supporting the program. next page...