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Criminon Rwanda – a step further

Delivering The Way to Happiness to the prison administrative staff and wardens.

When the Rwandan government and population state their intention of getting their country back into a condition of prosperity, they mean what they say. Key programs aiming at unity, reconciliation, decentralization, peace and security are not mere words: these are goals that are being made a reality, thanks to continuous efforts from the population and its leaders.

This is also the case for the Criminon program.

Experiencing tangible and measurable results after having implemented the first course of the Criminon program in their prisons,  the directors of the central prisons of Gitarama and Rilima requested us to deliver The Way to Happiness Course to their entire prison staff.



As the Director of the Central Prison of Gitarama stated :

"We have quite a few programs running in our prisons, but since we started the delivery of The Way to Happiness course,  punishment measures on those having done the course, have been reduced to 50 %. I am aware that this is because of the inmates putting into practice the precepts of the course. Therefore, I want my staff to do the course as well. Those precepts are a for everybody, not only for the prisoners. Everybody should do this course, including the children in the schools."

A new project is being worked out for the delivery to the staff members of the above mentioned prisons, which will be started in November 2008.