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Ending the Revolving Doors of Crime and Violence, Forever.

It is a known fact that imprisoning a man for having committed a crime for several years and then releasing him, whether on parole or not, does not automatically  mean one is releasing a rehabilitated person. It is also a known fact that many prisoners, once released, return to crime.

The ‘revolving doors of crime’ must be halted. And the first step is the rehabilitation of the  prisoner himself.

L. Ron Hubbard, American author and humanitarian, searched for the one common denominator that marked anyone's start of a career in crime. He found that the loss of self-respect is what brought about any life of lawlessness and criminality.
“The reformation or reclamation of the criminal does not depend upon punishment … but upon the reestablishment of the criminal’s self-respect.” - L. Ron Hubbard.


To remedy this, Mr. Hubbard developed the workable
methodology which is available today in the Criminon program. ‘Criminon’ means ‘no to crime’. The Criminon program tackles and resolves each factor that leads one from good conduct to that of a criminal.

A key fundamental of the program must be understood: it is the actual application of the principles learned that makes the difference.  By an individual's direct utilization of the precepts learned on The Way To Happiness Course, for example, he or she learns not only how to behave ethically and morally, but why. And it is this understanding which makes true reform possible.

It is up to our generation to ensure that the revolving door of recidivism and the increasing wave of younger and more brutal criminals end during our lifetime. Criminon provides a real solution. Whether or not enough people are so challenged to accept and embrace this effective technology can only be answered by future historians. And by what we do here and now.